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Press release: 1648 Unveils Innovative GTP Suite

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1648 Unveils Innovative GTP Suite: Family Office Insider, Private Markets Insider, and ESG Insider

Transforming Financial Consulting Through Cutting-Edge Technology

London, November 20, 2023 – 1648, a distinguished consulting firm renowned for its expertise in the financial services sector, is pleased to announce the introduction of three specialised Generative Pre-Trained Transformer (GTPs): 'Family Office Insider', 'Private Markets Insider', and 'ESG Insider'. This launch represents a pivotal moment in 1648’s strategy of providing transformational consulting services and leading the charge in modernising wealth management.

Built on OpenAI's ChatGTP.

Introducing the New GTPs:

  1. Family Office Insider: Crafted to serve the unique needs of family office investment management, this GPT offers sophisticated guidance in strategic asset allocation and bond and equity analysis, among other areas. Enhanced features now include global market insights, tailored reporting tools, and an emphasis on ethical and sustainable investment practices. Link

  2. Private Markets Insider: This platform is designed to deliver exceptional support in private equity, venture capital, and related sectors. It provides thorough analysis and insights into current market trends, valuation models, portfolio management, and more. Its analytical prowess and comprehension of intricate financial and legal documents make it an indispensable asset in the private market landscape. Link

  3. ESG Insider: Specialized in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters, this GPT offers current information and insights, assisting users in navigating the complexities of ESG. It is committed to providing factual, unbiased information and tailors its responses to accommodate various ESG knowledge levels. Link

These GTPs, currently in their inaugural iteration, are anticipated to rapidly evolve into indispensable, multifaceted business tools that extend their capabilities beyond data analysis, encompassing an array of essential business solutions and highly focused datasets.

Louay Aldoory, Founder and Managing Partner at 1648, responsible for Digital Transformation, shares his vision: "The launch of these pioneering GTPs marks a significant milestone in our firm's 10-year history and the financial consulting landscape. As we celebrate this achievement with our dedicated team at 1648, we invite our valued clients and partners to embark on this transformative journey. These knowledge platforms are a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in serving the ever-evolving needs of the financial sector."

About 1648: 1648 stands at the forefront of financial consulting, offering unparalleled expertise in guiding wealth managers and fintech firms through their transformative journeys. Our firm is dedicated to pioneering digital innovation, sustainability, and human capital, reshaping wealth management's future into a more transparent, intelligent, and resilient industry.

Contact Information: For further details or inquiries, please contact:


1648 | Beyond Consulting

We help transform and future-proof financial firms. 1648 is at the forefront of today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, guiding wealth managers and fintech firms through discovery and transformational journeys. Our expertise ensures that these firms adapt to industry transformation and drive it forward by employing the most effective strategies and digital innovations. The future of wealth management becomes more transparent, intelligent, and resilient with 1648.

The strategies presented are thematic and do not constitute investment advice (or advice of any kind). No assurance can be given that the objectives of the aforementioned investment strategies will be achieved; the strategies involve risk (including, without limitation, illiquidity risk) and may incur a loss on some or all capital deployed. The opinions expressed, or indeed the information or assumptions that underpin them, may contain errors, mistakes, or omissions; no assurance or warranty can be made as to the accuracy or completeness of this information, and readers should not place any reliance on this content for the purposes of executing investment decisions or for any other purpose. Readers accept full responsibility for using this content and are kindly requested to consult with their professional advisor before making any investment decision related to the same.

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