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Choosing the Right Strategic Consultant

🧭 Navigating the Sea of Consultants: Tips to Find Your Perfect Strategic Match

The EMEA Financial Services and FinTech sectors are teeming with consultants. But how do you sift through the crowd to find the one that aligns best with your needs? Here's a practical guide:

  1. Research and Recommendations: Start by seeking recommendations from industry peers. Platforms like LinkedIn can be invaluable. Look for consultants with endorsements and testimonials from credible sources.

  2. Expertise in Organic Growth: Ensure they have a proven track record in the EMEA region. Check their case studies and past client results, and ask for references. Their experience should reflect a deep understanding of strategy, processes, and regional regulations.

  3. Adaptability: Attend industry webinars and conferences. The best consultants often share their insights here, giving you a glimpse of their adaptability to industry disruptions and digital transformations.

  4. Sustainable Impact: Review their stance on ESG and Impact Investing. Do they have articles, projects, or partnerships that showcase their commitment to sustainable practices?

  5. Human Capital Focus: Engage in initial consultations. Gauge their approach towards your team's growth and well-being. The right consultant will prioritize human capital as much as financial metrics.

  6. Transparent Communication: Ensure they're open about their methodologies, tools, and pricing. Transparency is key to building a trustworthy partnership.

  7. Industry Networks: A consultant's network can be a goldmine. Check if they're connected with industry leaders, regulatory bodies, and tech innovators in the EMEA region.

Finding the right consultant is a blend of research, networking, and intuition. They should not just be an external aid but a partner, working alongside you to envision and craft a sustainable future for your firm.

1648 | Consulting & Beyond

We help transform and future-proof financial firms. 1648 is at the forefront of today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, guiding wealth managers and fintech firms through discovery and transformational journeys. Our expertise ensures that these firms adapt to industry transformation and drive it forward by employing the most effective strategies and digital innovations. The future of wealth management becomes more transparent, intelligent, and resilient with 1648.

The strategies presented are thematic and do not constitute investment advice (or advice of any kind). No assurance can be given that the objectives of the aforementioned investment strategies will be achieved; the strategies involve risk (including, without limitation, illiquidity risk) and may incur a loss on some or all capital deployed. The opinions expressed, or indeed the information or assumptions that underpin them, may contain errors, mistakes, or omissions; no assurance or warranty can be made as to the accuracy or completeness of this information, and readers should not place any reliance on this content for the purposes of executing investment decisions or for any other purpose. Readers accept full responsibility for using this content and are kindly requested to consult with their professional advisor before making any investment decision related to the same.

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